Mystery Box #9 (Lamp)

Mystery Box #9 (Lamp)

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This mystery box comes with one lamp. A handmade lamp with amazing aesthetic. A perfect gift to bring an industrial farmhouse look into any home or office. 

Aaron Paul takes great care in carefully cleaning each piece and uniquely turning it into a work of art enjoyable to your whole family. Each antique oddity dates back between the early 1800’s to mid 1900’s with a majority of the pieces between 1880’s to 1930’s.

My goal as an artist is to not only show the beauty and history of each piece of art but also the beauty of the light it produces. I believe every person has a unique identity. With this identity and skills learned throughout life they can go into the world and shed light into dark places. My hope is that my art will help remind each person how unique they are and how they are one of a kind.